Dernier v1.2

  • Added sounds
  • Added "share room link" button
  • Bugfixes

    Dernier v1.1

  • Upgraded the discared pile: you can now get your card back if you use the wrong card
  • Added turn timeout (60 seconds)
  • Fixed the chatbox: now it's 70% more usable
  • Added compatibility for more screens and it's now a bit more usable on mobile
  • Fixed some boring backed files (pm2 and environment variables support)
  • Bugfixes

    Dernier v1.0

  • First game relase

    To-Do list:

  • Add proper support for mobile
  • Add swap wildcard
  • Add empty wildcards options
  • Add +4 challenge
  • Check whether it's being played a legal card or not
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